Breath deeply, here we are unencumbered by the usual ebb and flow of daily life.

Imagine Unicorns
Baker Street Massage

A much needed intermission, a panacea and a delightful indulgence. This is a beautiful space in which to drift for a little while.

Peace and quiet, the opportunity to explore a tranquil expanse, a masterpiece writ silently with the mind, all close at hand. When will you start your quest for unicorns?

Each of the massages is a silent meditation, a story told without words, all you have to do is lay still and be open to the possibility of perceiving the intention of the massage movements.

Be Loved

The massage for those in need of connection and unconditional love

Signature Massage
Be Loved

Life is fast and demanding and even with the love of friends, family and a committed partner it is not unusual to feel alienated and in need of love.

One of the most amazing things about massage is that it can be used as conduit to a connection to unconditional love. With no history, and no emotional baggage to contend with, the massage therapist and client can connect in a truly profound way that is not easily achievable else-wise.

Be Loved is a full body massage with particular emphasis on clearing and nourishing the sacral, solar plexus and heart chakras.

Be Loved is a story about being held by an angle, immersed in light from the inside out and of being bequeathed the gift of loving thyself.

Be Loved is a very slow paced massage performed at close quarters.

Be Inspired

The massage for those in need of new ways of being and the strength to proceed with endeavours

Signature Massage
Be Inspired

Everything familiar has the potential to become hum-drum and tedious. Even a life of constant adventure can become so familiar as to cease to be inspiring. Sometimes we need space to find perspective in order to allow ourselves to be inspired.

This is a massage to help you create that space so you may better appreciate and be inspired by what is in your life as well as what you could bring to it.

Be Inspired is a full body massage with particular emphasis on creating a grounded connection to the earth as well as nourishing the third eye and crown chakras.

Be Inspired is a story about growing as if a magical tree, rooted in place yet able to spread it's branches wherever it may choose.

Be Inspired is generally a moderately paced massage with some faster paced movements and flowing body work.

Be Calmed

The massage for those who would rather not be anxious about the strife in their life

Signature Massage
Be Calmed

Despite our best efforts, most will agree that we all carry a degree of anxiousness with us. This is a space to be with that which makes you uneasy and to let it go even if momentarily.

This is a massage to help you be free of turmoil and to let the mind rest and recuperate.

Be Calmed is a full body massage with particular emphasis on clearing and nourishing the throat and third eye chakras.

Be Calmed is a story about walking in a garden, picking wild-flowers and watching butterflies flit about doing their work in harmony with, but oblivious to, the tides of nature all about.

Be Calmed is a slow paced, light intensity massage with a focus on the face, feet and hands.

Stories Without Words

I tell stories to soothe and inspire through the medium of massage. Not a word is spoken yet so much is said.

Massage Therapist
Imogen Hallett

Once in a while you will have a massage, performed with such care, skill and connection that the treatment transcends the physical act.

My first such experience was in Goa fourteen years ago. Since then I have studied and developed my approach to deliver captivating, transformative massage therapy in London.

I cherish my work because massage, as I practise, is an effortless journey to an inspirational inner space. It is a meditation that is simple to slip into and beautiful to explore. I genuinely find it a joy to be the source of something that can be so very profound.


Massage Duration Fee
Be Loved 90 minutes £180
Be Inspired 90 minutes £180
Be Calmed 90 minutes £180
New Client Consultation £20
Additional Shower Time £20

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